Powered Access

Powered Access Division is a vertical to the business of SSF, providing motorized access solutions. The division offers all types of equipment, either temporary or permanent, to access high rise structures such as buildings, industrial facilities, for maintenance and cleaning. We have over three decades of experience and collaborate with the leading manufacturers across the world. Our access solutions include

Monorail System

Monorail system consists of a mono track of Aluminum profile fixed on upper outer periphery of a building with brackets. A cradle is suspended from motorized trollies

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Roof Car

Roof Car is a system mounted on the roof of a building. It runs on concrete slab with guide rail or on a double rail track. Wide ranges and varieties can be customized to suit each building

Davit & Delta-Jib Systems

A Davit/Delta-Jib system consists of two primary components, a base and an arm. The base is a permanent fixture to the building structure and the arm is typically portable with the ability to be raised, lowered and removed Davit bases are laid out on the roof slab along the parapet at typical spacing suitable for platform length


This system is used for access of Domes and Skylights both internally and externally. The system moves on tracks and is made of galvanized steel or Aluminium