SSF’s core business is manufacturing and selling Scaffolding and Formwork systems to its clients meeting international quality standards. Being in the industry for over 35 years, we provide a variety of safe and durable structural systems that are used for shoring and formwork, as well as access applications. Our package includes

Kwikstage, Cuplok & Ringlok systems

These types of system scaffold can be used for general access, building maintenance, circular scaffolding requirements, temporary stages, formwork shoring, and many other uses. This system is the most commonly used scaffold because of its flexibility, strength and ease of assembly

Aluminum System Scaffolds and Ladders

These are lightweight products designed for industrial and domestic uses, conforming to European standards

Table Formwork

Table Formwork is a versatile and cost-effective system for the erection of supporting frame structures in slab formwork construction

Panel Systems for walls and column formwork

Soldier, Waler and Adjustable Panel Systems including H20 timber and Aluminum beams are used for Wall and Column formwork construction. These systems are designed and manufactured in-house conforming to relevant international standards

Tubes, Couplers and Boards

Galvanized steel tubes are used in conjunction with LVL boards and couplers in Access scaffolding